Diamond Wrapped Labradorite Necklace


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Product Description

14k Yellow Gold Necklace .03ct diamond 1.46ct labradorite stone

Labradorite symbolizes protection and strength, this gorgeous necklace features a diamond encrusted band wrapped around a beautifully faceted emerald cut labradorite which makes for an unforgettable visual impression.

Approximate dimensions of stone: 8.5mm x 5.75mm.

This necklace is also available in London Blue topaz emerald cut diamond wrapped.  London Blue topaz brings truth, wisdom and helps in clear communication. Price is $700 Call to purchase

Also available in Chrysoprase emerald cut diamond wrapped in yellow gold. Price $600.  Chrysoprase emotionally is believed to help heal broken hearts by equalizing the wearer’s emotional balance and fostering an ability to accept change. It’s also associated with increasing tolerance of others and providing gentle boosts to self-esteem. Call to purchase